Leggings Are Still The Thing!

Leggings have been an important part of fashion as they are absolutely fabulous fashion accessories. It seems that leggings are still in fashion in 2010 and this comes to no surprise for women who love them. Leggings are considered perfect fashion accessories for different occasions due to their comfort as well as versatility. Women have always tried to get the best out of their fashion items and leggings are one fashion item which surprises as it can be worn differently as often as desired. They can be paired with different fashion items to create incredibly stylish outfits perfect for different occasions.

Leggings are actually a comeback in fashion as they were a very popular fashion item of the 80s fashion. In 2010 retro fashion has inspired quite a few fashion designers so leggings are still in this season, for the joy of some and the despair of others. Showing off the legs can aid sexiness without revealing too much so this fashion item is perfect for women who want to feel sexy while maintaining their elegance.

Because celebrity style is a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion, you can choose your favorite celebrity as your muse. So many celebrities fell in love with leggings as they are perfect for any occasion and they can be mixed and matched with different shoes and outfits depending on occasion, weather and personal style. Leggings are perfect for summer wear as well as winter as the fabric they are made out of differs. Whether latex or cotton leggings, these stylish fashion accessories look great but only if worn properly. Women with a fuller lower body should avoid wearing leggings as they hug the legs and attract a great amount of attention precisely where you don’t want to.

To look fabulously stylish try to wear leggings following these rules:

  • wear leggings with tops, T-shirts and blouses that cover your hips as this is the best way to wear them. This will allow your body to receive a stylish as well as sexy look without looking like an attention seeker.
  • wear leggings with tunics as this is a killer combo that offers a perfect balance to your outfit. There are a variety of leggings styles and tunics so choose the combination that suits your style best.
  • choose flats as well as high heels when it comes to leggings as this way you will be able to modify your look according to personal preference and occasion. For a casual chic approach you can choose flats and for a more stylish and elegant look choose high platform heels.

Do express you style and elegance just like your favorite celebrity. Celebrities who wear leggings best are Rihanna, Beyonce, Tori Spelling, Kristin Cavallari, Jennifer Lopez, etc. Linday Lohan seems to love leggings as she even designed her own line named 6126 after Marilyn Monroe’s birth date. It seems that Marilyn was a fan of revealing the body not covering it while still maintaining a little bit of mystery.

So if you thought about giving up your leggings don’t as they are still very popular fashion items that will contribute to your sexy and stylish physical appearance. Check out our awesome values at Legging Fit Style.

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