Maternity Style Tips

Looking great during your pregnancy has never been easier. As ideas about maternity fashion have become more liberal in the past few years, a wide variety of new maternity designer brands have sprung up. With so many styles to choose from, there is no reason why you should retreat into boring sweaters and big shapeless dresses. Here are 7 fashion tips to keep you looking good during you nine months.

1. Empire waist dress
Made popular last year by pregnant celebrities like Angelina Jolie, the empire waist dress has a seam right about the belly that serves to give form and shape to your body. Rather than hide your belly, it lets its shape show in a flattering, classy manner, while at the same time accentuating your bust and shoulders, and (depending on cut) your legs.

2. Bold Jewelry
Since a lot of the attention will be on your belly already, this is the time to flaunt those bold jewelry pieces you’ve been keeping at home. On your next cocktail party, go ahead and wear that eye-catching diamond necklace and those chandelier earrings. They can be a perfect accent to a simple and elegant maternity evening gown.

3. Buy plenty of tees
T-shirts are perfect for mixing and matching with various outfits. Look for stretchy material that will continue to fit your body shape as your pregnancy progresses. Have fun with the designs and combine with blazers and tops for semi-formal, relaxed looks.

4. Maternity bra
Maternity bras are designed to give you extra (and much needed) support. But they tend to be clunky and unflattering. But now there are several different designer brands that specialize in making sexy and practical maternity underwear. Especially useful is the strapless maternity bra, which allows you to keep wearing strapless tops and dresses while giving you the proper support.
5. Revealing cuts
Cocktail parties and formal events are perfect for wearing classy but revealing dresses, even with the belly. Strapless or backless dresses can draw attention to your shoulders and back, making you look sexy and elegant while drawing attention away from the ubiquitous pregnant belly. Low cut dresses also give you a chance to show off your new bust size.

6. Floral dresses
These are great for the spring and summer seasons. Colorful floral designs look flattering on pregnant women. Look for flaring skirts and empire waist styles.

7. Jeans
Forget the sweat pants. Get yourself a pair of maternity jeans made especially to fit your changing waistline. Jeans are not only comfortable, but they’re also versatile. You can match them up with a variety of outfits for different looks.

You don’t have to go to a local place to purchase maternity wear; there are so many places now online where you can buy designer maternity pants for yourself to stay stylish. Take time for yourself to look and feel good! I bet you can find the style and comfort for you at Maternity Wear Fit Style.

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