Woman’s Swimwear – Ten Tips

The last thing a big breasted woman wants to feel is self-conscious when she wears a Brazilian bikini. So that you don’t look out of proportion with your large bust size, there are 10 secret tips for you to learn that will improve your appearance while wearing a bikini.

1. Choose a Brazilian bikini top that has a solid foundation to it, and which doesn’t allow the excess skin on your breasts to spill over the bra cup. If you wear a D, DD, DDD, F, or larger cup size, manufacturers now create their swimwear with larger cup sizes that stretch; thereby accommodating the larger bust sizes.

2. Try on bikini tops that envelope a minimizes bra that redistributes the bust and creates a somewhat flatter look.

3. Choose a top that forms a V since the material will cover a larger portion of your bust; make sure the V does not have a deep plunge to it, which would create an overabundance of cleavage.

4. Select a bikini top that is not made out of a shiny fabric, since it will magnify the largeness of your bust line.

5. Don’t choose a Brazilian bikini that has stripes running horizontally across your chest because that pattern will accentuate the width of your chest rather than minimize it.

6. Choose a top that has straps rather than one that is strapless or reveals more of your bare shoulders.

7. When you select a bikini top in a solid color, your bust size will appear minimized when the top is combined with a patterned bikini bottom.

8. Try to avoid buying Brazilian bikinis with a print on them; especially big flowers, leaves, or icons that draw even more attention to your large bust line.

9. If you’re wearing your Brazilian bikini at the pool and you’re not going to swim, you can wear a large necklace that measures 16 or 18 inches. The chunkiness or size of the stone on the choker-style necklace will draw the focus to that area of your neck.

10. Some women with large breasts have slender bodies, or are small-boned, and benefit from wearing bright colored bikini bottoms to draw attention to a slim waist, shapely hips, or long legs.


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