CAAC Companies

We Are On Way

It’s a crazy world we live in. I get a tremendous amount of email asking to wholesale our products. So we are in the process of creating those avenues for you. It will take some time here to get all the items up and available for you to purchase.

There are 1000’s to load and check and get it correct. So once we make this available to you, we promise to keep current and up to date with the newest trends and fashions for your customers. As always we strive to do our best in serving you. As you know fashion is different to each individual. Everyone has a different fashion statement. That statement shows the world who you are, and it expresses your individuality.

Fashion plays a large part in everyone’s lives, and it influences your impression on people and of other people. So, what is your fashion statement? Are you the trendy gal who’s up to date on all the new looks? Or, are you sporty, athletic, and confident with your appearance? Or, are you a cute, funny girl, that loves to express herself with her clothes? We are working to make that happen! I’ll be back in touch with you as we progress. So this site is ongoing and selling wholesale to the trade. Wholesale Fit Style