If You Have to Wear Your Winter Coat, You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Sandals!

During our last week of a glorious trip to Florida, as the weather began to warm up there ….. the temperatures “skyrocketed” so to speak in Nova Scotia. Record temperatures ….. 24 degrees Celsius on Easter Sunday, the 4th of April for heavens sake. Who would ever have thought it? What woman, who has yearned to breakout those peep toe shoes to bare her toes that have been hibernating for a rather mild winter, wouldn’t want to break out her favorite sandals or open toed shoes? Of course, why ever not? It only makes sense. Or does it?

Here’s the issue: As we know this “heat spell” is merely a stroke of luck, a tease of Mother Nature, if you will. I don’t want to be a kill joy here, but, we all know, it most likely won’t last. For the most part it hasn’t. Less than a week after Easter, the temperatures dip to a more seasonable high of 8-12 degrees with sun and on occasion, an incredible amount of wind. Making for a rather brisk day likened more to late Fall than early Spring. Gone are the shorts and t-shirts with perhaps a light sweater. Thoughts of going to the beach fade away as reality hits.

Now, I ask you, what would the sensible woman do? Well, in my opinion, put away the open toe shoes and dawn a more reasonable pair of flats, without socks or your favorite fall boot with no stockings. There’s plenty of time for your favorite slides and peep toes. Ladies, if you have to dig your wool winter coat out again, even for such a short time, dig out the closed toe shoes as well. I declare right now: If you have to wear your winter coat, put the sandals away! You don’t have to bury them deep in the closet, just put them to one side. Still within easy reach, but until the timing, and temperature is more suitable

I know I know, it seems harsh, but it’s reality ladies. If you arms and torso are so cold, you need to wear a coat, your feet must feel the same way. It’s fashion logic. It’s like wearing a bathing suit, with winter boots, you wouldn’t do that, would you? Then whey are you wearing Roman sandals with your faux fur three quarter coat? I actually saw that, this week. I believe we reached a day time high of around 13 degrees and the wind? Brrrrrrrr.

No one appreciates more than I do, the joy of showing off those fantastic strappy wedges you got for half price at your favorite outlet mall. There is however, a time and a place. Wearing opposing season clothing at the same time is just not fashion savy. There are always exceptions, such as cotton tank under a favorite merino wool cardi. But, your heavy suede button down with the pair of leather strappys you got on your European vacation is a clear violation of the code of fashion.

This is a phenomenon I’ve also seen in the Fall. It’s a warm, Indian Summer, try as you might, you just don’t want to give up your cork wedges that look great with a pair of jeans. It’s a downright clash with your new lambs wool pullover. Time to break out your new chocolate brown riding boots!

As I said, I know, the winter is long and we are all dying to show off some skin, but let’s face it, if we’ve waited this long, we can wait a little longer. My advice to you? Use those unusually warm early Spring days to test drive some old favorite in your closet: Do those 2 year old Bermudas still fit right? Have they lost their structure? Can you get another season out of that light cotton ¾ sleeve linen cardigan? Take the time to get reacquainted with your Spring / Summer wardrobe. Savor, launder, and sort what you love and is worth another season. Purge what you can do without. Maybe wear a favorite item or two. Keep the peep toes in the closet until the forecast calls for days upon days of mid teens to high 20s. Trust me, your fellow fashionistas will admire you for your devotion to appropriate seasonal choices. Those who aren’t as aware of the “rules” as you are, can maybe learn a thing or two.