What is a Fashion Statement?

Everyone has a different fashion statement. That statement shows the world who you are, and it expresses your individuality. Fashion plays a large part in everyone's lives, and it influences your impression on people and of other people. So, what is your fashion statement? Are you the trendy gal who's up to date on all the new looks? Or, are you sporty, athletic, and confident with your appearance? Or, are you a cute, funny girl, that loves to express herself with her clothes?

Who exactly should say what your Fashion Statement is? You of course! Each of us has our own likes, dislikes comfort zones, body shape & size, and life styles. Yes its wonderful to pick up the magazine that shows this years top stars like Sarah, Jessica, Nicole, and Gwen but hey we aren't them right.

Perhaps your comfort zone is a loose fit, maybe yours is a very tailored or tight fit. I like turtle necks, you've got cleavage and like to show it. Maybe your a rancher and functional is important, or an office executive where a professional look is critical. Tweeds in and you hate tweed, then don't buy tweed. Hot colors are in but your skin is washed out, then stick to the colors that look good on you but perhaps dress them up with a little color. Low rise pants are in but they aren't attractive on you, then don't buy them. The Fit Style Fashion Group helps you stay on top of the latest fashion. Get that runway look without the runway price. Check out our Group!

Men's Fashion

Men have undergone a style education, first via magazines and latterly via websites and social media; that has generated an acceptability among men in having an interest in clothes – much as the grooming world has fostered an acceptability in looking after yourself – something that not long ago was considered suspect. Color, pattern, a mix of the tailored and the technical, the high brow with the historical – everything goes, often in the same outfit. There’s a confidence to men and their clothing now, even among men who aren’t that into clothes. Men's Fashion Fit Style brings you the latest trends in Men's fashion.

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